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A Transformational Experience for the Self-Doubting Accomplished Woman

“How did you get here?  How did you get in the position you’re in?  How are you doing what you are doing?  Who did you scam to get where you are and what you have?  You have to have scammed someone.  Sooner or later everyone is going to figure out that you are a fraud, and you won’t be able to pretend anymore.  You know that you can’t keep up this charade anyway.”

Have you heard any of the above?  Perhaps you’ve heard some of these questions from people who think they know you. Maybe you’re the one who has been asking some of them, or making statements that rip your confidence to shreds.

It’s amazing, that so many people deal with Imposter Syndrome.  Some estimates say that 70% of people have experienced the syndrome.  What’s so cruel about this syndrome is that it doesn’t go away with achievement. No, quite the opposite, the fear and anxiety of the syndrome is heightened with achievement.  So there you are already achieving at a hight level, wanting to keep pursuing your dreams, reaching for more, and at the same time, tormented regarding pursuing your dreams.

Yes, I said tormented, because to experience agony, intense pain of mind or body, is torture.  And it’s this torment that causes the most fabulous, talented, high potentialed women stuck and not be able to take their lives to the levels they know they are capable of.  It’s this torment that keeps them feeling like a fraud, wondering when and waiting for someone to expose them.


A lot of the effects of this syndrome are related to thoughts and feelings of undeserved success.  Who canalize free if they are continually bombarded with nagging worries of not being enough.  It doesn’t and won’t matter how prestigious the position they hold, how much money she makes, or who thinks she’s extraordinary.  If she perceives herself to be a fake and a phone, she’ll act as a double agent and be the most and nothing at the same time.

  • Perfectionist Tendencies cause you to never be able to complete your work and/or procrastinate so you can’t be criticized on the final product.

  • Self Sabotage avoiding failure by being late to or not showing up to meetings or substance abuse.

  • Shame can overwhelm you while you try to keep your secret from everyone.

  • Low Self-Esteem causes you to have a lower sense of value of self, which can cause you to not go for promotions.

  • Stress and Depression can be experienced due to the pressure you put on yourself to work harder, to measure up, to keep the secret, to prove yourself, etc.

  • Overcompensation will cause you to work and work beyond necessity because you really don’t believe you’ve got what it takes.  Are you tired yet?

  • Don’t Request Assistance because that would prove that you don’t know what you’re doing, and you have to prove that you do.

  • Difficulty Accepting Compliments occurs when one feels as though it’s not due.

  • Hiding in plain sight is done by doing enough to be acknowledged, but not doing enough to be considered extraordinary. You can’t be seen as extraordinary, right?


I’ve talked and worked with a lot of people over the years and so many of them have at some point ben in denial about why they aren’t living the life they really want to be living.  There are all kinds of reasons that aren’t the real reasons. The real reasons are some of those things right there, above.

Can you admit that you experience some of the above and that although you don’t like it, you ‘re dealing with Imposter Syndrome?  

Why should someone as accomplished as you are be plagued with self-doubt?


You’ll Learn:

  • How to identify the effects of Imposter Syndrome in your life

  • Which areas of your life have been affected

  • Strategy to lessen and eliminate Imposter Syndrome and its effects

  • How to get unstuck 

  • How to level up to demonstrate your full potential without added stress

  • Tips for Self-Acceptance

  • How to become vulnerable and be okay with it

  • What it really means to be fake and a fraud

  • Why you’ve never been exposed after all this time

  • How to free yourself from the tormenting thoughts of Imposter Syndrome

What would your life be like if you stopped second guessing and sabotaging yourself all of the time?

I have a few ideas.  I’m thinking that first off you would probably be a lot happier, experiencing less stress, anxiety, and perhaps depression.  I’m thinking you might perform at a higher level at work, get that promotion you’ve been wanting.  I’m thinking you may gain the courage to finally start  your business or organization. I’m thinking your creative juices might flow without inhibition.  I’m thinking you would be less likely to maintain toxic relationships, and you might value a social life more as it begins to thrive as a result of your changes.

Who would you be and how would you present yourself if you stopped second guessing and sabotaging yourself all of the time?

Let’s Find Out.

Who is this webinar for?

Are you an accomplished woman who exhibits, demonstrates, and/or experiences any of the Harmful Effects of Imposter Syndrome listed above?  

If yes, this webinar is for you!

Are you currently in a position that you have the qualifications for on paper, but think was luck or someone’s mis-judgement that got you the position, and you were actually surprised that you got it?

If yes, this webinar is for you!

Are you always wondering when they are going to figure out that you don’t belong at the top, you don’t belong in your position, you are a fake, a fraud, and a Master Pretender?  At what point will they recognize the truth about you?

If yes, this webinar is for you!

Are you a business owner (large or small), a leader in the corporate world, a ministry leader, a leader of an organization, a life coach, an educator, a highly qualified and/or educated woman who wants to see and accept the real truth about herself, and rise to all occasions? 

Well come on, let’s Stop the Madness.

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