Stop waiting. It's Time For You to Make Some Moves. It's Time to Release What's Inside.

The B.E. YOU Academy is the place to make it happen



The B.E. YOU Academy is a 6-month online facilitative program for women in business, ministry, and/or leadership who want to release and manifest the latent or dormant God-given imaginations of their hearts.  Those are dreams ladies.  What are you going to do about the dreams that you’ve been sitting on for months, even years, that you know God has a purpose for in the Earth.  

The B.E. YOU Academy provides practical Christian principled  how-to and step-by-step training to help you live with purpose, passion, and confidence, plan and achieve, and boldly be the woman God has called you to be. The gifts and the vision are within you. The calling is before you.  God’s anointing is on you.  We’ll help you do more with them.

Who is the program for?

The Be Extraordinarily You Academy is for these women:

  • The woman in business, ministry, and/or leadership who wants to maximize her potential, set, and achieve goals that are aligned with her purpose and passion, and are fulfilling and impactful  
  • The woman who is full of God-given potential, but acknowledges that she hasn’t maximized her potential. Instead has functioned in a space that is below her levels of ability    
  • The woman in business, ministry, and/or leadership who wants to increase in confidence and courage to accomplish the desires of her heart
  • The woman who believes she has a calling to a particular work but doesn’t know how to get there.  She’s looking for someone to help her get to where she wants to be
  • The woman in business, ministry, and/or leadership who focuses on the things she does but wants to focus more on who she is and her relationship with God
  • The woman who feels stuck in life and worries that she will not fulfill her calling
  • The woman who wants to discover or uncover her purpose/meaning in life so she can live boldly and powerfully 
  • The woman who has a dream of achieving something, but has never attempted to achieve it because she didn’t feel capable
  • The woman who wants to be able to enjoy her life by being the woman she admires and experiencing her bodacious dreams 

Are you ready to align your life with your purpose?  Are you tired of watching the years go by without living up into the potential you believe you have?  Are you done with watching others do what you know you should be doing?  Do you feel like there is more for you to be and do in this life than what you already are?  Do you believe that you’ve been called to some form of ministry but you need some assistance getting started?  Do you need some help with figuring out how to get out of your own way and take courage, so you can do what you and God have been wanting you to for so long? The B.E. YOU Academy will help you to: 




  • Clarify purpose

  • Clarify goals

  • Clarify your unique brilliance

  • Clarify true desires

  • Access your internal freedom

  • Tap into your abundance

  • Increase in confidence and courage

  • Eliminate self-doubt and limiting beliefs

  • Eliminate stagnancy and frustration

  • Align with purpose

  • Shift mindsets

  • Align your life with your God-given purpose

  • Become the woman you see in your spirit

  • Leverage your brilliance

  • Say yes to your success and take action

  • Create a life you love

The Be Extraordinarily You Academy is a 6-Month academy experience that will be filled with life building and transforming essentials.  There will be six months of building, training, connecting, cultivating, growing, activating, achieving, planning & executing, aligning with God’s purpose for our lives, praying, renewing, and so much more.  All of this will serve to help you to show up in your life more than you have before.

If you choose, you and other participants in the B.E. You Academy will also have the opportunity to give input regarding the training you receive in regards to the designated monthly subjects.  There will be set curriculum, but some room will be left to further tailer the program to the specific needs of participants.  This gives more opportunity to shape and scale the trainings, assignments, and such to the needs of the participants.  That can  be an awesome thing to part of. 



You are here to be an exhibitionist of exploits that happen when God’s extra is all over your natural.  That means you have to possess and release what you are created to be.

Say Yes! And be excited about it.

Rather than talk yourself out of doing something different, talk yourself into doing something different.  It’s so easy for some to talk themselves out of something, but much more of a challenge to talk themselves into something, even if it’s to their benefit.  The reason is because of the pattern they’ve functioned in for so long.  If only they had set a pattern for saying yes to new things that benefit them.  Here’s your opportunity.

I know you probably haven’t seen a program like this before, but that’s okay.  You’ve been doing the same things for a long time, and you still haven’t accomplished what you want.  Do something new!

Yes, it's a program designed to help me accomplish God's purpose in my life! This is what I've been looking for.

You want me to be honest, right? Of course you do. Always.  

The Be Extraordinarily You Academy is no easy fix. You will have to work, and at times you will be challenged to stretch beyond your comfort zone.  Whatever the reason you choose to be a part of the academy, you have to know that setting and achieving goals, bringing dreams to pass, and becoming the person God says you are, often takes much concerted effort, with strategic action, focus, persistence, and determination. There are no guarantees.  And yet, the program will give you plenty to work with, and ample opportunity to succeed.



We’ll work from 3 Core Disciplines, ACCESS, BECOME, & CREATE, executed through

6 Modules



Everything God has given you has reason, but have you allowed your brilliance to come through?  It’s time to uncover your full potential, but first you’ll do a bit of digging.  In this module you’ll do a lot of discovery work.  You’ll work toward:

*Identifying, believing, and achieving resolve regarding your purpose/calling

*Mining your unique brilliance (God-given talents, skills, strengths)

*Acknowledging your her-stories & identifying the one her-story that has been the most impactful to you in a negative way

*Identify & disposing of your insecurities

*Eliminating self-sabotaging behaviors 




It’s time to become unapologetically & extraordinarily you.  A healthy dose of self-awareness and honesty is key. Leaving all manner of denial behind, in this module you’ll take a thorough look at who you have become and who you want to be.  You’ll work toward:

*Acknowledging what truly gives you pleasure, and what you’re passionate about

*Using the 5-point S.H.I.N.E. Approach™ to clarify how you can live authentically in all areas of your life

*Truly embracing and loving the woman God has created you to be

*Living every day with intention and purpose

*Becoming a woman of valuable influence



Your thoughts have brought you to the place you are now, but new thoughts will take you where you’re going.  In this module you’ll be introduced to situations, mindsets, successes, and failures of some well known people, within the bible and without.  You’ll work on:

*Transforming your mind to position yourself for success and achieving your goals personally and professionally

*Illuminating and eradicating limiting beliefs

*Creating new patterns of thought that aren’t limiting but move you forward 

*Discerning the will and ways of God in the circumstances and situations of your life

*Guarding your heart



The woman you want to excel in public, is the woman who is groomed in private.  In this module you will learn the priceless benefits of consecration, prayer, and meditation. You’ll discover deeper depths to these three that will draw you in to go deeper in the things of God. You’ll work on:

*Prayer focus and stamina for extended periods of time

*Scripture & subject meditation

*Hearing & knowing the voice of God 

*Obedience to the Holy Spirit & practicing His presence 

*Abstinence & fasting

*Greater surrender to God’s will for your life



Perhaps you think image and physical presentation shouldn’t matter, but they do.  People know about you what you show them. So it’s important for you present yourself in ways that demonstrate the truth about who you are.  In this module you will work to:

*Clarify how you want others to perceive you

*Understand the correlation between who you are, what you wear, and what people think about you

*Evaluate your own personal and professional presentation

*Clarify how you will present yourself personally and professionally to your community and the world

*Allow yourself to be more visible in ways that may not be comfortable

*Revamp your wardrobe and look (if applicable)

*Make necessary changes to your physical presentation



Preparation alone will never get you the results of fruition.  Experiencing the satisfaction of having what you want, demands that at some point you have to take action.  In this module you will work to:

*Clarify your work/ministry assignment and manifest the God-given dreams you that have been in your spirit for far too long

*Design a plan of how you will share your gifts, talents, skills with your community, audience, and/or customers, and the world

*Choose established businesses and organizations to demonstrate your unique brilliance that will benefit others (if applicable)

*Choose social media outlets to demonstrate your unique brilliance (if applicable)

*Clarify the level of impact you will have in the world


You’re right, but that’s not all.  Keep scrolling. You will get so much from participating in this Be Extraordinarily You Academy experience.

You have to know that there is no better time to get prepared for 2019, than to start right now!  I know right now that seems a ways off but it’s a 6-month program that starts in May and will conclude toward the end of November of this year. Time really does pass quickly, and before you know it it will be the end of the year.  But when you work through this program you’ll be ready to make moves in 2019 because you’ve been making them in 2018.

The Entire Program is Online

All materials for the 6-month program, including videos, mp3s, workbooks, worksheets, assignments, and bonus materials are inside an online membership portal.  The portal is accessible to all participants with a unique personal password. 


Qualification Call: It’s really important that you know that this is the right program for you, so that you can fully commit yourself to working through the process, and get the results you want.  You won’t get something for nothing, but you will get out of it what you put into it.  So the first thing to do, is to click one of the links on this page to schedule your call.  You’ll have the opportunity to ask and have answered any lingering questions that you may have.  I’ll have the opportunity to  

Post Registration: Upon registering, you’ll receive an email with your own personal login information to enter the membership portal on the start date.  With your own unique password, you will be able to log in for learning at your convenience.   

Every month for six months, a new curriculum module will be released.  Prior to the start of each module you will be given the opportunity to give your input regarding training content that would benefit you most. (Please note that there is no guarantee that your input will be reflected in chosen training, but it is possible.)  

Each module will contain video lessons with accompanying workbook and/or worksheet assignments, and cheklists. Some may include complementing mp3s, and practical action-based assignments.  All of the above will serve to help you to absorb and implement the material and achieve the results you are desiring.

All  bonus material will also be available within the portal.

Two times in the month, we will have a Live broadcast or Call to touch on content and answer questions you may have.

You can also ask questions, comment, share your work, encourage and inspire others, in the online community.

How much of a time commitment is necessary?

 We suggest a weekly commitment of 6-8 hours throughout the 6-month program.  This will allow you to view and/or listen to the content, complete written and/or action-based assignments.

Of course there is a


Make the decision to invest in yourself and move forward today, and you’ll receive the following for FREE:

All bonuses will also be found online in the member’s portal.

2. 7 Intentional Life Strategies…

3. My Life By Intention 

4. Killin’ It With Confidence 

Becoming is a transformative process of changing one’s self. Everything that you’ve been up to now has gotten you where you are today, doing all the things you can, and you may be able to continue in the same for many years to come.  But remember, you can’t expect to get different results in your life if you keep doing the same things. And you can’t expect to do different things when you’re bent on staying the same.

This is a a 4-part video series that expounds on the six points of the acronym B.E.C.O.M.E. 

For some creating the life they want to live, and enjoying life to the fullest is tough. They are frustrated, perplexed, and stressed about the happenings in their lives, and don’t know what to do to get the life they want.

I absolutely know what it’s like to be frustrated and stressed because I was stuck and couldn’t seem to move ahead and produce the things I wanted to so badly.  It almost doesn’t make sense sometimes because you know what you want, and it also seems that you know how to get it, but for some reason you just can’t seem to pull it off.

In this training you will discover how you can implement these seven strategies into your life and get the results you want.

People talk about all they want to have, be and do.  And yet, fairly often they never see the manifestation of these.  

Well, I’m tired of this being the case.  I’m tired of seeing powerful dreamers continue to be for years and years, powerful dreamers who never transform into achievers who are fulfilled with the manifestation of their dreams.

To live a life by intention one must live deliberately disciplined. So I want to help you to do that.

MLBI is a 21-Day Challenge to discipline yourself and be intentional.

Confidence, it’s something so absolutely necessary, and yet for so many so very elusive, or seemingly so. The Kill It With Confidence Tool Kit is here to show you how to implement just a few simple things in your life that will serve to you boost your confidence (also known as self-confidence) so you can kill it, by helping your self.

KWC Includes: One (1) KWC Booklet with contents such as: 21 Tips to Boost Your confidence, The Confident Woman Checklist, 46 Confidence Affirmations, Body Language that Says I’m Confident, The Basics of a Dressed & Manicured Look of Confidence.  Plus you also receive tow(2) additional video trainings.  


Say Yes to Moving Forward Today

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Toyea Hawkins, MA

Transformation Coach on a mission to help the woman in business, ministry, and leadership to confidently live up into her potential both personally and professionally. Toyea is here to help her live vibrantly with authenticity and contentment.

Since your God-given brilliance is in Y.O.U. (Your Own Uniqueness), Toyea aims to teach women how to more thoroughly embrace their God-given brilliance, and use it to create a life of purpose and fulfillment.  

Toyea’s areas of specialty are facilitating positive and beneficial mindset shifts, promoting an increase in confidence, helping a woman to find her voice and use it, teaching her how to cross the lines of her comfort zones, and maximize her potential.

Whether SAHM, CEO, or minister, every one of us has a next level beyond where we’ve ever been before.  Toyea helps the woman who is ready to go to her next level, to get from where she is to where she wants to be.