Hey there!  I’m so excited to open registration for my one-day experience, Distinctively Y.O.U.  So often potential is squandered because we have not efficiently, thoroughly, and accurately assessed our own valuable uniqueness, to be able to function at our highest level.

There is so much more inside of you to be mined and tapped into, and celebrated.  Distinctively Y.O.U. is designed to help you UNCOVER, ACCEPT, LEVERAGE YOUR OWN UNIQUENESS, learn how to CELEBRATE it, and ACTIVATE it.  Yes, CELEBRATE IT!  

You know what, I have found over the years of working with so many people, that it is so much more easy for most to celebrate others, when in fact they have a really difficult time celebrating themselves.  Why is this the case?  It’s a travesty that celebration and recognition of oneself is automatically related to conceit, arrogance, and being self-centered, when they are not directly correlated.  

Get yourself to this inspiring workday.  

Yes, absolutely it’s a workday, but it will certainly also be a fun day of revelation and celebration. The revelation will be what you DISCOVER about yourself and how you show up in the world.  Think you know all you need to know about yourself, how you think, what you believe about yourself, how you present yourself and show up in the world, and what you need to improve upon to be, have, and do all that God has for you?     

Yep, lots of people do, only to come upon the realization that being in a room with someone who is pulling on them in a way that they’ve not been pulled on before changes the game. Sometimes with ourselves, we don’t go far enough.  Sometimes we don’t ask enough questions or ask the right questions.  Sometimes we don’t deep enough.  



Knowledge of Purpose is Indispensable
Have you ever wondered why some people thrive in life?  Their relationships thrive.  They thrive in business.  They thrive financially, and spiritually.  They just seem to thrive all around.  Why is that?  Perhaps it is because they have a good grasp of whyo they are, what their God-given purpose is, what they are to bring into the world, and what they are to leave behind.  Clarity of purpose can take you in the directio of fulfillment if you make the decision to let it direct you.  You don’t have to wander through life aimlessly or feel stuck because you don’t know why you’re here.  You too can thrive in purpose on purpose.
  • Have you heard  again and again how important it is to know your purpose, but still you don’t have a clue as to what your purpose is and what you are “supposed” to be doing, if you are supposed to be doing anything?  

  • Are you in or headed into a transition period wondering, “Well who am I supposed to be now?  

  • Are you convinced that you have so much to offer but you are perplexed or frustrated because you haven’t figured out how to get what’s inside of you out?

  • Could you benefit from becoming more aware of your strengths, weaknesses, talents and gifts, habits and tendencies, beliefs and triggers, that affect how you relate, function, perceive, and  show up in life?  

  • Have you heard the truth about you via other people’s opinions for far too long and you need to uncover God’s truth about you?

  • Is there much more to you than what you have been living up too?

At Distinctively Y.O.U. We Will Mine Your Brilliance Together. We will treat all that God has put inside of you, like the precious treasure that it is.  It’s time for not only you to know what you possess, but for others to know as well, and not just know, but experience the effects of the exposure.  In order for that to be the case, you must uncover it.

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Self-Acceptance is Necessary
American Novelist Amity Gaige said, “To me, self-esteem is not self-love. It is self-acknowledgment, as in recognizing and accepting who you are.”  You can’t win if you’re always fighting and sabotaging yourself.  Accept that things change, and whay you may have in the past thought you were “supposed” to do and would forever do, may not be what you really want or need to do now.  And that’s okay.

Listen, before you can actually walk as the person you know that you are to be, you must first accept that person and how she/he fits in the world.  Sometimes that’s a challenge because of what you think and believe about that person.  If you think she/he isn’t likable by others, you may avoid becoming her/him.  If you believe he/she won’t be able to make the income you want to make to have the lifestyle you want, you may not accept that person to be you.  If you don’t believe that you’re enough, you won’t live like you are enough.

  • Have you been avoiding becoming the person you know that you are to be because you don’t know how it will all come to pass?

  • Have you spent a lot of time acting as the person others want you to be, but you have yet to really be who you are?

  • Have you spent ample time disapproving of yourself and and not as much time approving of yourself?

  • Do you doubt, second guess, and/or compare yourself to others on a regular basis?

  • Do you need to learn how to accept yourself, while also learning how to improve what you don’t appreciate about yourself?

  • Have you blamed others for the way you’re living life, but you’re ready to take responsibility for where you are in life and where you’re going?


Yes to Celebration!
Listen, if there is one thing I know, it’s that you can be waiting a veryo long time if you’re waiting for someone else to celebrate you.  And to just be straight up, you shouldn’t do it. Stop expecting, waiting for, and/or longing for others to celebrate you.  One of the best things you can learn to do for yourself is to learn to celebrate yourself, and leave people be.  Don’t make someone else the keeper of your Hoorah.

There is nothing wrong with celebrating yourself and Y.O.U.!  Get yourself to Distinctively Y.O.U. and let me show you some of the best ways to celebrate yourself.  Oh believe me, you will probably be surprised at what you learn.

  • Do you have a hard time accepting compliments and do your best to downplay all of the wonderful things about you?

  • Do you tell yourself and others through words and/or behaviors that who you are and what you possess is of less value than that of others or of no value at all?

  • Do you find yourself disappointed because those you admire, love, and/or are closest to you tend to not appreciate you and downplay your significance, instead of celebrating you?

  • Do you know how to celebrate yourself and Y.O.U. (Your Own Uniqueness) or is this something you need to learn how to do?


It Has to Be Done
What good are all the gifts inside of you if they are not to be activated and shared with the world?  You are so amazingly powerful and equqipped.  If only you were as convinced of your ability as God is.

Alright now, this is as they say, where the rubber meets the road! In many cases so many with great minds, phenomenal skills, awesome creative talent, new innovative concepts that could change the world, never  make a mark in their families, communities, countries, or the world because they never get active.  This is key!  At Distinctively Y.O.U. we’ll take some time to focus on how and where you can get active while experiencing some of the greatest levels of purpose and satisfaction you’ve known.

  • Is time is passing and you’ve not done many of the things you want to do?

  • Need to figure out which organization, charity, or group you want to invest your expertise in?

  • Are you tired of knowing that you have gifts and talents that you aren’t using ?

  • Are you eager to enhance your life in the near future, by getting involved in activities that are related to your purpose, and are satisfying?

  • Are you no longer interested in what’s holding you back, because you just want to act forward?

  • Is it time for some new experiences in your life that you can be passionate about?

Can you relate to one or all of the above?  Can you already see all of the fabulousness you can get at Distinctively Y.O.U.?  Are you ready to join us there?

Yes Toyea, I want to come!

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At DISTINCTIVELY Y.O.U. you will: 

  • Be guided through taking personal inventory of your strengths, weaknesses, talents and gifts, habits and tendencies, beliefs and triggers, that affect how you relate, function, perceive, and show up in life 
  • Learn three essential steps to clarifying your purpose 
  • Discover key principles to living in purpose on purpose with fulfillment and satisfaction, instead of just being busy
  • Learn vital concepts for accepting all of who God has made you,
  • Learn how to stop doubting and second guessing yourself, and become more comfortable with who you arena relation to God and others
  • Discover how to really celebrate Y.O.U. in ways that are powerful, empowering, and life changing
  • Connect the dots between who you are and what you are here to do
  • Clarify organizations, charities, businesses, and/or activities connected to your purpose and passion, will most benefit from Y.O.U.
  • Move to make the necessary steps for the next phase of your life
  • Engage in interactive activities that will help to unlock your latent potential
  • Help to lock invaluable concepts into your heart and mind that compel you to leave your mark on the world

There is always something to be gained in a transformative coaching environment.

Join us at Distinctively Y.O.U.

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