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What would life be like if the two of you could communicate together more effectively, eliminate knock down drag out arguments, and create better resolutions to conflict, faster?

Is this possible?  Yes it is!

To date, more than 700,000 couples around the world have participated in COUPLE COMMUNICATION. The program has been translated into over a dozen languages.  



APRIL 21-22, 2017 

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Are you continually looking for tools that could better your relationship?

Do you see the value in improving your relationship through better communication skills than you currently possess?

Is it your desire to maintain a thriving life long relationship that affords satisfaction to both parties involved?

Are you open to being trained in a program that can help you enhance or transform your relationship?

Are arguments too much of a regular occurrence in your relationship?

Does it seem like either or both of you just don’t listen to or understand what the other is telling them?

Are you frustrated with the lack of effective communication in your relationship?

Are the two of you suffering miserably because of bad or ineffective communication together?



The Couple Communication Program Skills Work Within Varying Relationships.

Portrait of women and give solace to a friend

Sibling relationships that have taken years to damage can be restored in much less time by utilizing this program.

Two serious adult guys having problems at home

Parents don’t always get it right, and neither do their children, but having tools that help them to work together to find solutions can eliminate a lot of anger and frustration, and help them live harmoniously.



Couples planning to make lasting commitments can benefit greatly from learning these skills of communicating effectively and nurturing good habits in earlier stages of the relationship.

The Program

Per Couple Communication Site

Couple Communication I is an award winning program that helps you understand and connect with your partner better. There are 11 skills and processes to learn to communicate effectively about everyday events and important issues.

You will increase in skills and gain tools that have a positive impact on every area of your life — with your husband/wife, family and friends, with co-workers, and elsewhere.


  • Communicate together more effectively
  • Make better decisions together
  • Create faster, better resolutions to conflict
  • Increase satisfaction as you strengthen your relationship

The instructors will use their experience and expertise to help you put these concepts and skills to work in your everyday life.

You will also learn:

  • The 7 Ingredients of a Collaborative Marriage
  • Identify ineffective and effective ways of talking and listening
  • Improve the quality of your communication
  • To understand yourself and situations better
  • Apply 6 talking skills to connect in a clear and constructive way
  • Tune in accurately to your partner
  •  Use 5 productive listening skills
  • 9-step process to: Combine talking and listening skills, and Make decisionsand resolve conflicts collaboratively

User Friendly Couple Materials

As a couple, you use a COUPLE COMMUNICATION I Couple Packet containing:

  • 2 Collaborative Marriage Skills workbooks (one copy for each partner)
  • 2 Skills Mats (one for talking, the other for listening)
  • 2 Sets of Pocket Cards to prompt skill use
  • 2 Awareness Wheel pads

The materials are for use during sessions, practice at home between sessions, and application after the course to reinforce skills when negotiating issues.  The workbook in the Couple Packet is softcover, 8 x 10 inches, 144 pages, 2007.  You receive a Couple Packet through your instructors.


How will you learn new skills?

  • Explanations of the concepts, skills, and processes
  • Demonstrations of the skills and processes
  • Practice of skills and processes with real issues of your own choice
  • Using innovative tools to speed learning
  • Coaching and feedback on your use of skills
  • Application of your learning in real situations between sessions

All of this within the sessions.

Your Privacy is Respected
You choose together privately, as a couple, the issues you discuss and practice.

Decide today to learn the skills and acquire the tools you need to communicate and collaborate more effectively in your relationship.

Partners must attend together with a willingness to participate.


APRIL 21-22, 2017

Vallejo, CA


* This is an approximate ten hour training, and both participants must be present for entire training.

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