Hey, I’m Toyea!

Red dress cropped1I am the Life Coach-Strategist on a mission to help the female dreamer, entrepreneur, and aspiring go-getter to confidently live up into her potential both purposefully and powerfully. Many women spend a lot of time showing up in the world in a way that is not authentic. They do the work they think they should be doing, but not the work they are passionate about.  Their lifestyles blend with the norm when in fact they dream of living a different kind of life.  One that is vibrant, thriving, and immensely fulfilling.  I’m here to help them live that life, the one that as today’s saying goes, ‘gives them life’.

Since your brilliance is in Y.O.U. (Your Own Uniqueness), I aim to teach women how to more thoroughly embrace their brilliance, and use it to create a life they love.  What I’ve learned from working with so many women over the years is that whenever I mention their self and brilliance in the same sentence, many of them experience some kind of mental aversion to the notion of the two being connected.  

It’s a good thing I love to help women to be the best version of themselves and show up in the world blazing with all of their God-given brilliance!  I help women in the areas that I’ve had to work on myself.

Do you realize that as an adult woman, the life you experience is a result of your thoughts and actions.  My areas of specialty are facilitating positive and beneficial mindset shifts, promoting an increase in confidence, helping a woman to find her voice and use it, teaching her how to cross the lines of her comfort zones, and maximize her potential.

Whether SAHM or CEO, every one of us has a next level beyond where we’ve ever been before. I aim to help the woman who is ready to go to her next level, to get from where she is to where she wants to be.