How do I love green? Let me count the ways… Ladies, there is something about this color when I wear it.  I love it! There are times when it’s my ‘Go To” color and there are times when it’s my “Fall Back” color.  But either way, on any given day I wear it, I am happy as a camper.

So why do I like it I asked myself.  Well, first off I like the way green warms my complexion.  I’ve got yellow/red in my complexion, and the greens I wear compliment that.  At least I think so.  Not to mention that most of the time I’m sporting a hairdo that’s some shade of blonde or blonde brown mixture, which seems to be highlighted by the color.

Does that matter? Yes it does. Our clothes compliment us when they blend with and enhance the look of our skin and hair.  Haven’t you heard people say, “That color really makes your skin look like it’s glowing,” or, “That color really makes your eyes pop.”  Perhaps you’ve never heard someone say, “that sweater really makes you hair look golden.”  Tt’s probably because they don’t realize that that’s what’s happening.

Lots of people just put clothes on, and never have a clue about what makes them look their best.  Now, I didn’t say, what makes them their best.  I said, what makes them look their best.

Now, how I think I look in green, does depend on the shade of green.  I tend to avoid the pale greens, and lean more toward Kelly Green, Olive Green, and the like.  I will occasionally don an evergreen, but when I do I have to do more to like it.  I don’t usually wear dark greens unless I’ve got some specific event that I want to wear it to. Bright colors make me happy.

I can face it, the darker shades of green just don’t make me happy.  What does happy have to do with it?  For me, a lot.  I like to be happy in my clothes.  Why?  Because it makes me feel good when I see myself and like what I see.

Color Psychology suggests that colors have bearing on our moods and emotions.  For this reason many people decorate with the color green, painting waiting rooms, offices, and rooms in the home green.  Green is associated with life, fertility, nature, health, growth, money, peace, tranquility, greed, jealousy, and envy.  However, the last three aren’t thought to be triggered by the color green, while several of the others are.

Check me out here in the pic right above, in which I look like I was just sucking on a lemon. (Proof that we all have our moments and days when we’re over it; whatever it. is.)  I don’t necessarily look too happy but for sure I thought I looked good in this olive green jacket.  It’s one of my favorite Go Tos when I’m running out of the house.

You know what I realized?  I realized that for me, there is something to the idea of green being calming when I see it.  Yep, according to CNN, scientists and researchers think it’s because our nervous system gets to relax when perceiving the color versus more of a to strain to see the others.

That’s right, supposedly the human eye sees green better than any other color on the spectrum?  CNN says it’s because of the way light reaches our eyes. Perhaps this is another reason I like it so much.  I can see it clearly.

So what about you?  Do you have any green in your closet?  Do you know which green shades make you look fantabulous?  Why do or why don’t you like wearing the color green?