I know that the title Cry Baby isn’t one that most would want to be labeled, as it’s usually used to belittle and demean the person who cries a lot.  And yet, call me a Cry Baby all you want.  I don’t care, because there are some really good benefits to crying, that more people would experience if hey didn’t think they had to hold back the tears.

Sometimes I wonder just why it’s thought to be wise to try to stop doing something that comes so naturally and must have some purpose if God put it in us and tries to show up so often.  For so often many have pegged crying as being something that weak people do.  However, I beg to differ.  Some of the strongest people we know are perhaps those who aren’t afraid or ashamed to do apart from or in front of others, what comes so naturally.  Perhaps they know something that others would do well to learn.

Here are five really good reasons to cry all you want and need to.

1. Crying relieves stress.

It’s amazing how it seems that we have this but in valve that when released it allow us to rid ourselves of pressure.  Have you ever experienced having a really good cry about something that really effected you, then as soon as you were finished you felt so relieved?  Perhaps you even smiled or laughed right after.

2. Crying Lifts Your Mood and Helps You Feel Better.  How is that possible?  There was no way you were going to smile or laugh prior to that good cry.  You walked around either frowning, sighing, staring, or something like those, but no matter what happened or what someone did, when the pressure was present, there was no smiling and no laughter.  That just wasn’t happening.  And yet, you smile and laughed right after crying.  It was because the valve opened and released the pressure.  How does this work?

3. Crying removes toxins.  That’s right, when we shed emotional tears, those tears have more toxins than other kinds of tears, like tears from laughing or peeling onions.  The more we cry from grief, distress, and the like, the more our bodies relieve themselves of toxic bi-products of stress that have been built up.  According to Neuro Behavioral Concepts, “Crying is just the body’s way of stabilizing its chemical levels…”.

4. Crying is naturally connected to many of our emotions.  How hard is it to hold back laughter when someone tells a really great joke?  it’s about as hard as it is to not cry when something really significant happens.  And yet, so many are more likely to do their best to hold back tears, rather than the laughter.  Why?  It’s because of the stigma that goes with crying.

Crying supposedly, is a sign of weakness to many.  So few want to be caught crying.  But crying is so natural.  That’s why for the most part when something effects us, we don’t have to try to do it.  What if we just allowed ourselves the stress free pleasure of crying when we felt the tears welling up?  Do we actually become weak when we cry?  I think not.  Haven’t you ever cried, then having gotten the toxins out of your system (literally), wiped your tears and taken care of business?  That’s not someone who is weak.  That’s someone who’s body said, “You need relief,” got it, and kept going.  What a tragedy to always be stifling something that’s within you for a reason.

5. Crying is one way we know that we have feelings.  Compassion, pain, joy empathy, and many more, are feelings that can be expressed when we cry.  Wen we don’t, many of us begin to ask question like, “What’s wrong with me,” or “Why don’t I feel anything,” or “Am I callous?”  We ask these questions because we want to feel and we have some idea of how we should fee with particular circumstances, as well as, the responses that should go along with them.  To some degree, crying tells us that we’re okay.


Applicable Quotes

“It opens the lungs, washes the countenance, exercises the eyes, and softens down the temper; so cry away.”  Charles Dickens