Do you have many things that you would like to experience in life that you haven’t so far?  If the answer is yes, why haven’t you had these experiences yet?  Perhaps it is because you are doing things that are keeping you from your desired experiences.

Sometimes it’s some of the very things that we’ve been doing for a very long time, maybe all of our lives, that hold us back.  And yet, they don’t have to hold us back.  They don’t have to be a part of our lives at all, but that’s all up to us.

The best of the best, whether they be athletes, phenomenal parents, CEOs, teachers, have certain things that they just don’t do.  We see all of the things that they accomplish, and wonder just how do they were able to do it.  Somehow, many people think that their heroes or sheroes or the people they watch are so much different from them.  And yet, the truth is that many of them aren’t so different in some ways, but are in others.

Too often, the results of those who may be considered the best of the best are seen as their greatest feats, when perhaps the greatest feats are accomplished prior to us seeing the results.  In order to have, be, and do all that they do, there are several things that they just don’t do.  Those are the things that matter significantly, because if they did them it could put a halt to everything they are dreaming of.

This is where many dreamers, go-getters, and the aspiring make major mistakes.

After watching this video, I’m hoping that you will act on what not to do.

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