Know that you are powerful! Can you accept that?  Are you willing to allow yourself to be powerful? Do you believe it?

No more hiding! This is the thing that we have to decide we will not do.  

We have to decide that we will not hide the brilliance within us.  As long as you are hiding, someone is missing out on what you have to offer.  Be sure, there is someone somewhere who needs what you have.   

No more blending! Too often too many try to stay common.  It’s time to stop trying to blend in with everyone else.  Don’t you want to show up in your life in a way that is greater than you ever have before?  You have been created with distinctions.  There is brilliance within you that absolutely no one else in the world possesses the way you possess it.

No more Sitting back! Just watching others live to the fullest will never bring anyone the satisfaction they’re looking for in life.  You can’t sit back and watch, be a spectator, and experience a life that is full.  You have to be a thriving participant.  Do you have a desire to do more, be more, have more?  If so, the only way to experience these is to step up into your power.

Allow yourself to be extraordinary!  Certainly you have the potential to be extraordinary, but how will you accomplish this?

  1. If you want to experience something different from what you’ve been experiencing, you will have to do something different from that what you’ve been doing.
  2. Release the stories that hinder you and keep you from moving forward and emerging in a more powerful way.
  3. Claim some new stories to take you into your future.
  4. Be intentional

You have to allow yourself to change!

Watch the video for the rest.

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