Hey there!  Here’s a dose of inspiration regarding letting things go. Sometimes we can hold on to things much too tightly and for much too long.  Some of us have relationships that we need to just let go, friendships that have just sucked the life out of us because we won’t let them go, jobs that we don’t like and no longer experience productivity, let alone any kind of fulfillment or pleasure.

When we aren’t willing to let things go we can certainly find ourselves stuck in life, without a sense of direction.  But why can’t we let things go?  Why do we have a tendency to try to hold on to things for too long?

There are varying reasons for everyone, but I’ll tell you a few.  One is that we get so comfortable with whatever it is that we don’t want to part with it.  Sure it’s the same ‘ole same ‘ole, but it’s the sam ‘ole same ‘ole that we know and are familiar with.  Sometimes we just want things to seem as though they are going smoothly so we don’t have to do anything extra.  Are you willing to hang on to something that you know is no longer benefiting you, just so you don’t ave to do anything different?  I don’t know what’s going in your life, but you do.

Another reason we find it difficult to let go is because we think that if we let it go, someone else will be let down, and God forbid we let someone down the way others let us down.  Hm, yes, if you thought you heard a bit of sarcasm, you did.  You and I both know that people let us down all the time, and we get over it.  Whoever is let down because you let go of something you need to let go of, will get over it too.

There are benefits to letting go of some things.

  1.  When you let go of positions, you get out of the the for someone else to hold on to it.
  2. When you let go of unproductive efforts, you stop wasting time and start maximizing time on productive efforts.
  3. When you let go of what you have, you open yourself up to what’s possible.

What benefits would you experience if you let it go?

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