I don’t know what it is that you want out of life, but I do know that whatever it is, you have to mind it.  

To mind something is to tend to it, to take care of, to work with it, to get the results you want.  Noting happens for us without us putting forth effort to get it.  Even the smallest of seeds need to be tended to in order to grow.  The sunshine gives its essentials to growth through its rays, and the clouds through their rain.  That seed may not have a person to tend to it, but it’s being tended to.

The Earth has been created to tend to it’s own needs in many ways.  And that’s what we have to learn to do, mind our own business.  Sometimes we spend too much time minding too many other people’s business.  We make everyone else’s dreams come true, while ours sits in the background waiting to be tended to.

Having business has to do with getting busy.  If you’re not doing anything, sure you’re going to end up tending to a lot business that belongs to others.  People will always have things that you can do for them that will fill your time, and accomplish their goals.  Don’t you want to accomplish your own?  Yes, it’s way beyond time to handle your business, get to work, make serious strides to getting what you want.

It’s no fun getting to the end of each year realizing that you still haven’t gotten what you’ve wanted, and not because you couldn’t, but because you wouldn’t mind your business.

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