Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to achieve all your dreams and goals without having obstacles in your way?  The quick response is a resounding, “Yes!” However, with having to overcome obstacles we experience tremendous gains.
In high school I was a hurdler on the track team.  I jumped a lot of hurdles, fell over enough, and knocked my knees on plenty trying to improve on my race techniques and times.  Slowly or swiftly, I always finished the race.

In life and business it’s much the same.  I’m still a hurdler, as many of us are, and I am fully aware of the many things gained by having obstacles in your way on your way to the finish line, your goal.
Here are a few:
1. We become acquainted with the reality of life that things don’t always happen the way we think they should or want them to.
2. We learn how to be more flexible in and adaptable to our environment & situations.
3. We gain strength in our resolve to accomplish our goals.
4. We learn how to endure and persevere through challenges.
5. We have the opportunity to recognize that we are actually more powerful than we thought we were.
If it seems that life is taking it’s toll and you’re paying a costly amount, keep in mind that the best things in life aren’t cheap.
It’s worth it!
It’s worth it, to get what you want.  And you get what you want by continuing to fight to get it.
Obstacles may get in your way, but you can go around, jump over, move them, or whatever else you want to do.  You don’t have to let obstacles stop you from moving forward and getting what you want.
Keep going.

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