Sometimes we talk ourselves right of of what is that we want to do, because we choose to focus on what you don’t have.  “I don’t have enough money,” “I don’t have enough education,” “I don’t have a car,” I don’t have this, and  I don’t have that,” we say.

Too often we spend time complaining and whining about what we don’t have and how that keeps us from getting what we want, when we should spend more time acknowledging what we have and how we can use it to create success.

You may not possess what you want at the moment, but you have everything that you need right newt get you to the next level.  That’s right, because you have to stand on this level to get to the next.

Instead of being discouraged by the thought of what you don’t have, think more of what you can do with what you do have, and do something.  Until you do something with what you have, you’ll never get what you want.  Aren’t your desires worth the effort?

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