Hey there!
There is no time like the present to believe that your dream is yet alive.  I want to remind you that just because a dream is deferred, or delayed, that doesn’t mean that that dream is dead.  It may be dormant, and only you can do something that will shake it awake.

Do you still want it?  Don’t be afraid to admit that you still want it.  You may have tried to suppress your desire.  You may have gotten disappointed so many times that you just made up your mind that it wasn’t for you and you weren’t going to want it any longer.  Did it work?  You may have thought so, but deep down you know it’s still there.
You still want it.  If it’s still there, it’s still there for a reason.  It’s still there because there is a possibility that you can have it, but not if you don’t take action and do something about it.  You can wake it up!
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